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Salon De African Pride Gives An Astonishing Outlook To You by Beautifying Your Hair with Hair Extensions in Newtown

Hair Extension is a Necessity

Who doesn’t like beautiful and luscious hair? Not only beautiful, thick and shiny hair becomes the weakness of every girl as she grows by the time. Moreover, in Australia girls and boys love to have long hair for beautiful styling because lovely hair with dazzling hairstyling is a treat to have as well as to watch as it is an ancient and leading trend but this doesn’t mean that you can go to anyone of the claimed parlours and get your hair cut or hairstyle recovered. Because unfortunately, those who got thin hair, lightweight or shine less hair with the passage of time need extra care to restore the beauty of hair and also when they need to gather in a party or somewhere else importantly hair extensions in Newtown become a requisite. But be careful! Your hairs are your pride and taking care of this pride is your responsibility. That is why Salon De African Pride is here to ensure the safety of your scalp, hair and insecurities because we worth that strong hair mean strong you!

Why Salon De African Pride

We are Australia based and with our beautiful hairstyling ideas we serve every customer with great confidence.
We are reliable: We have a variety of ideas for hair extensions in Newtown to be fit in any kind of hair. Each extension is aligned in way that makes a strong bulk of hair easy to get on the scalp or head and super easy to be removed from the head.
We provide non-toxic material: The weavings we use at Salon the African Pride is made from non- toxic stuff and 100% human hair. When you put them on your head it will be impossible for others to recognize ether it is your real hair or not. Also instead of using harmful chemical we ensure herbal products for the overall shine and maintenance of extension.

Cost-effective and 100% satisfaction: we have certified beautician and hairstylists at our Salon De African Pride and serve our beautiful customers with 100% results and expertise so they can come to us without any hesitation whenever they need. We are economical and provide you with extensions equipped with unparalleled quality.

View our gallery to see how beautifully we manage to do every job i.e., dreadlock, haircuts, wigs and especially hair extensions) for our beautiful and gorgeous visitors. We have a wide range of pure and guaranteed hair products such as hair tonic, serum, and shampoo, hair conditioner, colour etc. according to the need of every hair type.

Give us a Line to Spark a Shine into your Hair

No matter the length and colour of hair we extend your hair in a natural and beautiful way you never expect. So call us at 02 9517 1251 or feel free to ask any query about our services by emailing at: . Have a happy hair day!